What makes a good script?

One of the most common questions I get asked is ‘What should I put in my script’?

The script is the most important part of your production, it’s its reason for being, it’s the message you want to convey.

From a short station name check, to a multi-voiced commercial production … it’s all about the message.

Let’s look at station IDs.


What are IDs for?

To brand your station, to give it its on air ‘image’, and if you’re a slave to the master that is Rajar, to aid recall.


Have a listen around to dial. On the successful stations you’ll hear a selection of sweeper IDs. Tight, focused, on brand.

Short station IDs (“ABC FM”, “This is ABC FM”)

Station name plus the strap line (“ABC FM – Today’s Best Mix”)

Sometimes you’ll hear a ‘music demonstrator’, a short production demonstrating the type of music played. (Admittedly most stations use these as network break fillers these days).


And that is it. Anything more is clutter. Some brands don’t even have the strap line in the production; they leave it for the jocks to deliver.

Our packages include a very generous 20 words for IDs; it doesn’t mean you have to cram in every last word though.

Let your IDs breathe, give them space to get the message through.


Other bits

Short ‘teaser’ IDs work really well.

“We pay your bills every day, play again tomorrow morning from 9. This is ABC FM’

“Bob and Lucy at Breakfast, this morning from 6 on ABC FM”

Call to action IDs

“The Time Tunnel. But what’s the year? Text 82000”

If it’s going to played during a music sweep, keep it short.


At the end of the day, your production scripts are your choice and you know your station best. But whatever you decide on try to keep it to one message per ID.

Just don’t do this…

“ABC FM, call us now on 01234 567890, text us on 82000, email us on studio@ABCFM.freedomainthatnoonewillremember.org.uk.com, BB PIN us on FG32 HH443. Sponsored by Tom’s taxi company round the corner, number one for taxis and stuff, oh yes and don’t forget Bob and Lucy at Breakfast every day from 6am to 10am”


We want to produce IDs that work for you, build your brand, and sound great. The above example does none of that, plus it’s a pain in the ass to produce and make sound half decent.



If you need help and your scripts tweaking just drop me an email. Or if you need your scripts writing from scratch ask about our Creative Script Writing service.




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