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RPC Audio Team

    Radio and Podcasts
    From £5.99
    From sweepers to promos and complete station packages including everything you need to get on air.
    Commercial, SSDAB, Community, trust us to give you the sound you want.
    DJ Drops
    From £5.99
    From simple impact name drops to a funky new Intro for your podcast or mix to make your gig stand out.
    We produce audio for some of the biggest names in the industry.
    From £20
    Let our commercial production department create you great advertising that works.
    Our commercials are heard on some of the biggest stations in the UK.
    Gig Promos
    From £20
    Need a killer promo to promote your gig, event, or mix?
    We'll take your script, add it to a music mix and bring your gig to life. Any script, any music genre.
    The Audio Vault
    From £8.99
    Add your custom script to a choice of pre-produced audio from our extensive library.
    From radio sweepers and promos to DJ mix intros and drops.