Where the audio magic happens…

Radio Jingles

We are fully equipped for both audio and broadcast programme production, our equipment list includes:

  • Sennheiser MKH 416 and AT 4047 mics with DBX preamps
  • Pro Tools and Adobe Audition
  • Waves and Focusrite Plugins
  • TC Finalizer Mastering Processor
  • DAT and Mini Disc machines.
  • Inovonics FM 250 Audio Processor (for the anoraks!)
  • BCX 3 Playout System
  • Source-Connect
  • CDQ Prima 120 ISDN Codec

The anoraky bits…

At the heart of the studio is our MBI Series 24 B mixer, it came to us from the BBC after being de-commissioned from Broadcasting House.

Our main DAW is Pro Tools, using Waves and Focusrite plugins for processing and mastering.