Blog Trousers

Blogs are great aren’t they?

Whatever our interests, our thirst for info, the need to escape for 5 minutes while the boss isn’t looking, there is always something for us at the other end of a Google search.


I’m new to blogging (can you tell?)

When Ben, the talented fella who put this site together suggested I include a blog I was a bit hesitant and made some groaning noises.

What on earth am I going to blog about?

I never kept a diary as a kid, and my Facebook page is a little spartan to say the least.

My days consist of having my head buried either in a microphone or Pro Tools (which I love every second of), and when I’m not in the studio I’m spending my time trying to tame our two children (which I also love of course).

Fitting in writing an essay? Like that’ll happen.

My wife is a genius when it comes to blogs, and has been running her own very successful one for many years.


Good huh?

So I guess it’s her who wears the blog-trousers in our house. I shall be watching and learning with interest, and get out there looking for inspiring content.

I promise it won’t all be anoraky pictures of radio and studio stuff.

I might just get the hang of it before the next social fad comes along and blogging becomes as old hat as myspace (yeah, I can’t remember my password either).


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