‘Content is King’


It’s a much repeated mantra, but it couldn’t be truer.

‘Content is King … Content is King … Content is King’

Get the content right and the rest will follow.

A perfect illustration of this is James May’s Unemployment Tube.

If you’ve not found this little gem yet, it’s a must see.



It’s (ex) Top Gear’s James May, on Youtube, cooking on his hob.

Take one middle-aged man, a saucepan, an Ipad camera, and a packet of minced beef.

It’s not about the food at all, it’s about James May being a brilliant and engaging communicator.

It’s incredibly watchable.

A true credit to James’ presentation ability and on screen persona.

Strip away the amazing cars, the flash production values, expensive cameras and sets, as long as the content is right, James May in this case, you’ve still got a great show.







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