We’ve had the pleasure of working with some talented people over the years at RPC, the latest of those is DJ and producer Max Vangeli. Max launched Code Radio, a podcast and radio show syndicated in 35 countries and we’ve been lucky enough to produce the imaging for it. We’ve just completed a suite, Read More

Last weekend we had the pleasure of once again working with the Broadcasting House team at BBC Radio 4.               We’ve done several audio packages for them over the years. This time we produced some Sepp Blatter parody audio for the show. At a recent FIFA press conference,, Read More

                        It’s always a pleasure to receive technical questions about our audio production here at RPC Audio. Lots of you have been asking about which processing plugins we use. The Waves plugs are pretty much industry standard, and over the last few years, Read More

When you’re launching a new station or rebranding a service, there’s so much to do. From sorting the schedule to the station logo,. it’s a long list and production is usually way down at the bottom.           You would not believe the amount of calls we get from stations needing, Read More