Mix Out

What’s a ‘Mix Out’?

All our packages include ‘mix out’ cuts…

Mix Outs come as part of your production package. For each liner script you send us, we’ll send you 3 cuts.

Cut 1… The main mix has voiceover / beats / SFX (wooshes and zaps and stuff!)

The full cut to be used a sweeper or stager.

Cut 2 … Mix Out 1 has the voice over and the SFX

Usually has SFX at the start and runs dry towards the end. Useful for running over the intro of a song.

Cut 3… Mix Out 2 is just the voice over.

Run this over the intro of a song or build it into your own production.

Put simply you’ll get 3 versions of the same jingle.


Things to remember…

The voiceover scripts stay the same for each cut, it’s just the production that changes.

You get 3 cuts for the price of 1!