I love Halloween! This year we’re off to a proper Halloween costume party. I’m still trying to work out if I can get away with just a white sheet with two eye holes. What do you reckon?           If you’ve got a Halloween themed feature running on air or you’re, Read More

Here’s a talented fella. Worth a watch for any V/O who needs a boost of inspiration, especially if you want to move into voice acting. Our kids love Futurama at the moment. Here’s some of the talent behind the show.

Sundays. Roast Beef, the pub at lunchtime, and the weekly Top 40. The best bit of the day for me used to be the chart. It was a ‘must listen’ on a Sunday afternoon. You remember? Back in the days when we cared, and you could still by singles in Woolies. You had Brookes, Read More

Blogs are great aren’t they? Whatever our interests, our thirst for info, the need to escape for 5 minutes while the boss isn’t looking, there is always something for us at the other end of a Google search. I’m new to blogging (can you tell?) When Ben, the talented fella who put this site, Read More